Launching the new oneToken Balancer Smart Pool

Mr. Masanobu Fukuoka
2 min readApr 28, 2021


The ICHI community is excited to announce the creation of a new oneToken Balancer Smart Pool where users can provide any oneToken or USDC as liquidity in return for LP.

Follow the instructions on the ICHI docs page to add liquidity and stake LP:

Pool overview:

  • Deposit only your oneToken of choice or USDC
  • Deposit all assets at a single time
  • No impermanent loss (stablecoins only)
  • Low trading fees (0.04%)

The oneToken Balancer Pool allows you to add a single asset, get LP, and stake to farm with only a small gas expense for each transaction. Accelerating ICHI’s goal of helping everyone become a farmer and making oneTokens more accessible for the average investor.

Incentives for depositors:

Given the cost of switching, the ICHI community will offer incentives to those who deposit to this new pool:

  • 10 xICHI will be rewarded to deposits totaling between $10k-$50k.
  • 100 xICHI will be rewarded to deposits of greater than $50k.

Deposits made two week from this post going live are eligible for reward. The rewards will be distributed at the conclusion of that two week period.

In addition to that, beginning April 28th, 2021 rewards go up 10x for the oneToken Balancer Smart Pool!

Join our Telegram channel to get in touch with the community and core team here:


Where can I learn more about the oneToken Balancer Pool?

ICHI will host multiple discord calls to discuss the new oneToken pool. Join the Telegram channel to stay up to date:

Which asset should I deposit to maximize the amount of LP (and ICHI rewards) received?

The following oneToken Deposit estimate can provide insights which can help you make your decision.